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Nubesol Attempting to Transform Indian Sugar Industry With The Aid of Technology

Bengaluru based NubeSol Technologies Pvt Ltd is a startup that specializes in solutions based on remote sensing technologies aimed at transforming the sugarcane industry ecosystem. Founded by Suraj Dixit in 2013, Nubesol intends to create positive impact on farming and environment by investing into adoption of advanced technologies in agriculture, technology innovations, mechanization and farm …

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4 Products Microsoft Should Build With LinkedIn

Last week, Microsoft stunned the tech world with the largest ever software acquisition – the purchase of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. While early news coverage has addressed plans to keep LinkedIn independent, there’s been little discussion about what exactly the two companies will do together. As someone who’s entrenched in …

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Bizom: An Attempt To Organise Retail Supply Chain In India

Co-founded in 2013 by Lalit Bhise, Vasudeva Manjunath, Shree Kulkarni, Supreeth Reddy and Nilesh Chhajed, Bizom is a mobile-first retail commerce solution that brings offline distribution, online and serves as a common platform for retailers, brands and distributors to reach out to each other. The B2B company acts like a bridge between …

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