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10 reasons why one should not start a startup

When everyone is talking about startups and their success, I might sound negative by giving reasons for not starting up but it’s necessary to portray the other side of the plate as well. The word “Startup” itself is very fascinating and then these daily feeds about funding on our social timelines and news gives wings to our thought, our imaginations that Yes, I also must startup. This is the idea that can make me millionaire overnight, this is the thing I wanted to do always.

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The actual truth is very different from what we see. We don’t get to hear the news about startups shutting down because no one wants to speak about his failure but the truth is that survival rates of startups is very low and especially in a country like India.

I know that I am here to motivate people and not demotivate them but I want you all to face a reality check. Instead of being positive, I’m going to be negative. Instead of telling you that you must startup, I’m going to give you all possible reasons to not startup. Here you go –

Because everyone is starting

Just do not start if that is the reason. Most of the people want to have their own startup because everyone around them is starting a new business. It might look very fascinating from outside but trust me it’s not. You need to rub your ass to make a startup sustainable.

Because you think that no one else has ever thought of this idea

Don’t be so overconfident. 99.99% of ideas are already discussed or executed in this world. Don’t be so happy about your idea. Search as much as you can to find out that who else is working on similar idea and if no one is working on that idea in the whole world then what can be the possible reasons for the same.

Because you think that starting up a business is easier then working for someone else

No doubt being a boss gives a very good feeling but it takes everything. You have to be multi-tasking and you need to tackle a lot of situations which you might never face during a job.

Because you think that you have got enough money

It’s not just money that can make a business successful. One needs to have lots of patience, passion and knowledge to make it successful.

Because you think that this is a million dollar idea

No idea is a great idea until or unless it is executed well. So the power of an idea lies in its execution that how well it is executed.

Because everyone is telling you to startup

Don’t listen to other when it comes to starting up. Ask yourself that whether you are ready for it or not. Ask all the possible questions to yourself which can stop you from starting up.

Because you have gained enough knowledge of the particular domain

Starting a business is not just about having knowledge; It needs lots of other skills to make a business successful. Start only if you think you will be able to manage everything.

If you are not sure about it

I have seen many entrepreneurs starting up with an attitude that if the business fails also, they will take a job. Just don’t start with that attitude; if you are starting a business then you need to believe in your idea no matter what. You should never take it as an option.

If you are not sure about your commitment

Don’t start a business until or unless you are not sure about your commitment towards. None of the business succeeds without commitment. You need to give time to it just like your baby to nurture it well otherwise it’s not going to succeed.

If you can’t marry your idea

Last but not least, do not start if you can’t marry your idea. Think 1000 times before you start it. Is this the idea you want to die for or there are other millions of ideas running in your mind. Give time to yourself before starting up. Don’t just think to start a business overnight.

Think before you start.

 Is there really a need for the idea you want to work upon?

Do you have enough time for it?

Do you have money to support your idea for at least next 1 year even if it does not give you any return?

Do you have all the resources and infrastructure ready to execute the idea?

Do you have patience to go through tough times?

Do you have that keeda of ENTREPRENEURSHIP in you?

Do you really think that your idea is going to work?

THINK before you ACT.

No one can stop you to succeed if you are giving your 100% in the right direction.

All the best!

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