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What Angel Investors are ‘not’ looking forward to?

Angel Investors costartup
Angel Investors costartup

Lately, the Startup Industry has come out with flying colours; it is shining like never before. However, with all the good things the bad ones come too. The good part could be that nowadays startups are more accepted and preferred, and the bad one lies in the initial seed funding of any startup.

Although every startup is fighting to become the lion of this rat race, Angel Investors stand still and holds a prominent position. There is this never-ending battle to grab an Angel investor and find your way through, but the complicated question is what Angel Investors simply hate about start-ups?

Not Being Yourself

While you are all geared up to go convince your Angel Investor, what they are actually looking for is to know the real ‘You’. Angel Investors usually like indulging with the person they are going to invest into. If you are too over confident and over protective about your idea, it is all going to fall down. What you really need to do is, to just believe in your idea and know how you can make it work.

Lack of a Strong Foundation

The next one is the absence of a strong foundation. Although most of the Angel Investors are big time risk takers, however, they still cleverly evaluate their risk-management plan. If you don’t hold a strong foundation and a systematic action plan, then you are straight away escorted to the exit door. Angel Investors just hate people with lots of talking to do and no action plan sorted out.

It is not always your Way

Even though it is fascinating to think that most Angel Investors just invest, sit back in the chair and watch you do it your way. But it is just the opposite. Most of the Angel Investors want to be an integral part of your day-to-day working, and if you stop them from doing so, you know where you went wrong.

Too Much Bragging

Too much of bragging and time to time telling your Investors that you have it all sorted is simply not going to work, at all. They want to see you in action even before investing money in you. Be sure to start working before approaching any Angel Investor. You never know when they might get really impressed with you work.

No matter how interesting and attractive it may be to reach some Angel Investors right away, but just hold on and don’t play with your chance. Act wisely and do your homework before approaching any Angel Investor. Just remember they are really important.

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