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Freedom251 maker Ringing Bells is Refunding Customer’s Money

Freedom 251
Freedom 251

However, it seems like all the negativity surrounding has forced the company to refund the money. “There was a lot of negativity around us so we have decided to take money from customers only after delivering phones to them. We are refunding money to those who have paid for booking the phones and giving them an option of cash on delivery,” Mohit Goel, Ringing Bell’s Director told PTI.

If we directly comment on the statistics then over 30,000 people had already paid when they ordered freedom251 and a huge amount of 7 crore people have ordered on cash on delivery.

Mohit Goel indifferently mentioned that the company won’t be needing customer’s money, initially investors have their back. “We don’t want customers’ money initially. We have investors to back our project. There is a business model to justify the price. We have a foolproof plan and to whomsoever, we have disclosed it has agreed to it. I don’t want to disclose full details as of now,” Goel said.

Ringing bells have started refunding the money and also the company lately said that they will start delivering the first round by April and right after that booking for the second round will start.

In between an ocean of negativity and all the doubts arising in everyone’s mind the president of ringing bells, Mr Ashok Chaddha explained that originally the phone would cost around Rs 2500. However, they adopted a series of economic strategies with most of the Indian components being used, because of which the all over cost of the phone turned out to be this low.

Although a lot of people, politicians and officials have expressed their concerns and doubts about Freedom251, we still don’t know about how true and false everything could turn out to be. So, fingers crossed! Waiting for April to see what this phone would be like.

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