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The Perfect Hacks to make your Office the Coolest

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From ideation to execution you took all the steps that you needed to establish your startup, you even got a good angel to fund your idea, but, this is not it. Your challenges do not stop here. Apart from taking their business to greater levels, startups face yet another challenge and that is the people challenge. To keep people from leaving, we talk about some of the office hacks today.

Many startups fail in the very first year of beginning operations and the reasons that have been cited include a high turnover rate.

Considering what a lot of startups have to say, retaining and rewarding top employees, developing leaders out of the herd, creating work-friendly culture are some of the major issues that they face. Also, not being able to offer a vertical growth due to the lack of positions in a small firm is a problem that a lot of startups have to deal with.

Productivity in your office is a result of the environment that is provided and hence, here are some of the things that you could do at your office to get the best results and keep your employees from leaving:

  • Relax your office environment – Yes, you heard it right, we need to be professional and upbeat to work, but when you already are entering the new world with your startup, why not change the old world habits as well with it. Ambiance is not something that only restaurants care about now. The ambiance of your office matters a lot; bright colours and funky furniture is the deal of the hour. To know more, check these out.
  • Get some play thingsGoogle OfficeAnd by that I do not mean in the kinky, BDSM way, but it is amazing to have some board games or table games at your office. Taking a break for 30 mins away from the computer screen can totally get those creative juices flowing in your brains. Don’t agree? Well, you’ve surely never been high on video games then.
  • Lunch Dates – No, I am not asking you to get your boyfriend or girlfriend over to your office for a date. It is in trend these days, the boss taking out his employees for lunches and yes, you are not allowed to talk work there! Hell, my boss does this too. And it is not at all a bad idea but an amazing one. You get to know your boss/employees and it could be fun to know who’s bitching behind your back, eh? Check out what Nearbuy CEO Ankur does, for an example. Google Office Interiors
  • Office sleepovers – Confused? Well, even I was before I got it right. A lot of startups in the country are doing this. They are installing a bed or two in their office which is isolated from all the chitter chatter to relax those minds and maybe play a little (I did not say that, mind it!)
  • Workout at the office – Have you ever heard your employees complaining that the long hours are taking a toll on their health. They don’t get time to work out. Well, you must have not because you don’t take them out for lunches but it is true because it is happening. So why not go ahead and get some treadmills installed right in your workplace. Everyone will be happy!
  • Office Jamming Sessions – I haven’t heard of these (I’m lying). Well, I am sure there must be that one person at your office with the voice of a nightingale and that one person who plays the guitar better than Kaki King (hypothetical, but lets just assume there is). Why not get them together on a weekend for a jamming session at your own office and have everyone listen to them. Or maybe just get a karaoke machine there. Trust me, after a hectic week, it will be a lot more fun and your employees would love to come to work.
  • Your own rooftop office – Do you often stay late in the nights to complete your work and your office roof has a nice view? Then what are you waiting for? Get some furniture up there so that you can sit in the soothing air while working at night. You will be relaxed and not overworked and those loner employees that you may have would love to overwork themselves just to stay at your cool office.

Got more office hacks? Leave a comment or mail us at connect@costartup.in

Image source – http://www.eurofitdirect.co.uk/ and https://upload.wikimedia.org/

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