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SEO: Why is it not working?


Getting your startup on the first page of Google search results is quite a task. However, this is one of the initial things most startups strategize for.

Okay! So what happened to your intelligently planned SEO strategy?  It is not working as you expected it to work, right? Your content is stuck somewhere in between the infinite Google pages and you won’t get enough views.

Search engine optimization (SEO) no matter how easy it may sound is not a cake walk. A little bit goes wrong and it falls apart. The worst part is sometimes you will not even realize that there is something wrong in the system.

Let’s see some common mistakes that you can avoid-

Not Picking the Right Keyword

Determining the right keyword is a task, especially when your startup falls under a populated category. Chances are that so many other same types of popular organizations are already using the same keyword.

Your SEO keyword should not be too specific or not specific at all, too short or too long, it should be just right and apt for your startup. It should completely define what you are trying to say.

Another thing, if you use the keyword that no one is searching for then your ‘too right’ keyword is of no use, pick something that everyone will search and at the same time something different from the competitors.

Less Use of Digital Marketing Tools

For those of don’t know, Digital Marketing Tools helps you analyse if your system is working properly or not, where your strategy is weak or strong.

Digital Marketing Tools are necessary if you really want to see the progress of your SEO, and how much traffic it is generating.

If you are only measuring the effectiveness of your SEO by the increase in the number of customers or sales, then you are doing it wrong. You need proper SEO analysis.

Not Pitching the Right Customers

The first and foremost rule about SEO is that it revolves around the type of customers. If you have selected the wrong client base then it is of no use. And even if you know particularly about your customers and potential customers but you are not targeting them via SEO then your SEO is practically useless.

An effective way to see if your SEO is reaching the right and potential customers is to keep a check on your bounce rate; it is the count of people who visited your website and left without going through. If the bounce rate turns out to be high, then you know where you went wrong.

SEO needs a lot of personal attention and a proper team, if you make even a slightest mistake you might lose some of the good clients. Keep a close look at your SEO strategy.

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