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Viber’s Public Chat System now Open for Startups

Viber's Public Chat

Startups are gaining limelight in every area nowadays. While at one place these startups are trying to stand out of the crowd and make the best out of their chance; on the other hand, a lot of companies and people are coming forward to support them in this venture.

Viber recently gave Indian startups a chance to enter its public chat system; it is an effort to reach out to all the blooming startups. In past two-three months, a lot of startups have joined viber’s public chat like Zopper, Vuclip, ObiNo, KhauGaliDeals and Lootore. This public chat system allows the users to follow and comment on the conversations initiated by brands and celebrities.

Viber Public Chats which was launched in 2014 gives the startup a wide platform to boost their visibility and reach out to a greater audience, around 48-million Viber users.

“In a world run by social media platforms, it is imperative to leverage platforms such as public chats for a more targeted approach,” Anubhav Nayyar, regional head at Viber South Asia said.

Viber has landed on a remarkable approach and a great outreach facility for startups. And certainly, startups have also realized the worth and sensed the immense benefit of public chat groups. It is the quickest tool to reach out to the target audience and get quick response and feedbacks.

Just about two weeks ago ‘KhauGaliDeals’ startup joined Viber public chat and the CEO later said, “This alliance is part of Viber’s startup outreach in India and we are exploring the potential of India’s growing mobile commerce space,”

Another famous startup Zopper joined Viber Public Chat as a part of their outreach strategy and received 500-plus followers in a short duration of one month.

One of the startup founders Ritu Soni (ObiNo) explained that “One of the main things that sets it apart from other social media channels like Facebook is that our posts are seen by or exposed to all our followers versus the minimal organic reach of a startup’s Facebook page,”

There are so many opportunities lying around in this Public Chat System of Viber, it’s time to leave everything aside and join this public chat now. Way to go Startups.

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