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Steps to Increase Demand for your Startup

Validate Startup Demand

We always hear a lot of things about how a great idea is enough to give some ignition to your startup, however, in reality, just an idea is not enough. You need to validate the demand for your idea and the product you are trying to sell. People don’t come on their own searching for your product and idea; you will have to make it visible.

After launching the product or services in the market every startup goes through this stage of generating enough traffic, and getting people to review their product. Somehow it is not a cake walk and need a lot of efforts. Here are few tips for you.

Google Pay per Click (PPC)

There are those three ads on the top of every Google search that we see, they are the Google Ads. A good sum of people click on those ads and it is a great way to validate your startup and get people to visit your website. Hence, review your product or service. Just remember to make your landing page convincing enough for people to stay.

Facebook Ads

Unlike Google where ads are displayed only when someone searches for a specific keyword, Facebook ads are a place where you can target your audience it is mostly based on persona. Therefore, on Facebook ads are displayed based on people’s purchase habits, job, education, work profile, etc.

Remarketing on both Facebook and Google

Remarketing can target your audience again, as people take some time in making their decisions. People who once visited your website will again see your Ad as they visit any other website if you have enabled remarketing. This way your Ad will keep tracking them where ever they go.

Chat Feature on Landing Page

Live chat feature on a landing page can help you interact with your visitors then and there only. You can help them make a decision and increase overall user experience.

Exit Plugin or Code

Every person that comes to your website doesn’t necessarily want to fill in the enquiry form and give you the money right away. So what do you do, just let these people go? No, you rather give them an exit option from the enquiry form and let them surf the website.

For startups and new business validating the demand is really necessary, your website is of no use if people are not visiting it. Use above tricks wisely to increase and validate your user demands.

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