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Entripreneur – Connecting Entrepreneurs via Travel


Coming over the monotonous and tiresome process of interactions and meet overs at conferences, meet ups, workshops et al, Entripreneur is an unconventional travel and networking initiative, carved out specially for the proactive and focused entrepreneurs.

The brainchild of a team of four entrepreneurs and travellers, this initiative aims to take a group of 12-15 entrepreneurs to an offbeat location, away from the hustle and give them an opportunity to connect over campfires or under the stars.

The trip has been planned during the last weekend of June to a location in the heart of Himalayas. To be a part of the trip, you are required to be an entrepreneur. Whether freshly brewed or fermented over some years, your experience won’t count as much as your passion and willingness to learn.

To apply, you can simply visit the website entripreneur.in where you will have to fill up a really short and simple form. This will be followed by a screening process through which the founding team will handpick 15 entrepreneurs, making sure that all of them are compatible even with all their differences. The deadline to apply is June 5, 2016.

You’ll have access to unlimited amounts of inspiration and will come up with new ideas to be brainstormed and implemented.

On the trip, you’ll get to meet a whole bunch of other entrepreneurs and evangelists who lead similar lives, face similar challenges but have different businesses and skills sets and experiences – all of it in front of you to discover and take advantage of.

The trip will not only help you grow your network and explore new ideas but also help you replenish and rejuvenate in this busy schedule, all the while working and innovating.

The creators of this initiative promise a fun-packed, four-day long, phenomenal experience which will not only result in new ideas being born but also professional and personal relationships that will last a lifetime.


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