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Indian Startup Cooey Brings The Best Health Care Solutions To Your Smartphones!

The healthcare market in India is estimated to be worth around $80 billion and a large portion works offline. A large percentage of patients tend to keep piles of medical papers of their personal health information which they find difficult to organise and track during emergencies. A digital record of healthcare data makes it much easier for doctors and patients to keep a track on the patient’s medical histories and Indian startup Cooey is trying to leverage IoT as a tool to bring about disruptive innovation in the healthcare space.


Cooey is an end-to-end health monitoring  IoT platform for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and weight management. It allows users to collect, store, analyse and share their medical summary with doctors in real time which help users to connect with heath care service providers to get insights and tips about their health.

Bangalore-based Cooey Technologies was founded by Manu Madhusudanan and TP Prabhakaran with the vision “To be known as the ‘WhatsApp’ of healthcare where everyone is hooked in and gets effective answers in the simplest form possible.” After market research and speaking to doctors and patients, they launched Cooey in August 2015 as a third platform- engaging patients in the health management system and providing targeted services to them.

Currently, the Android application is free for the users to download. Having close to 85,000 downloads till date with about 9,000 active users, their app provides an engaging experience to their users by giving them regular updates about their health. They have also introduced three devices so far – Wireless Body Fat Analyzer,  Blood Pressure Monitor which are currently available on Flipkart and Amazon and Smart Glucometer which will be launching in June this year. The company plans to introduce more engagement features in the coming time, namely, personalised coaching sessions, video tutorials on specific topics, and activity & diet monitoring.

Once the users download the app they need to sign up and enter their basic details and the ailments they would like to monitor. One of the key features of the app is to maintain a ‘health timeline’ where users can add notes and remind themselves about their health. Users can find it all in this one app.

India is estimated to have about 130 million hypertensive and 75 million diabetic patients, and hence there is a big need for change and innovation in this space and Cooey is one platform which is aiming high to make lives of people simpler and healthier by bringing the best health care solutions to your smartphones in one single app.



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