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It’s Time To Tweak Your Content Marketing Strategies!

Content Marketing might seem daunting as the breadth of content on the internet is getting enormous but what we miss out largely is that it’s a time intensive activity and brands today are constantly trying to tweak their content strategies to transcend the set norms and outdo their competitors.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques that can be executed without spending a penny and that’s why it holds an important place in the company’s marketing objectives these days. Some of the essentials that are of content marketing strategy for the year 2016. 

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Use visual content & let the users imagine:

Visual content is becoming one of the most appealing aspects of content creation and marketing. It has been observed that visual content is simpler to apprehend and more persuasive than text-based content. Infographics, memes, comics, videos and images are the most shareable type of content. So it’s become crucial to tap the full potential of visual content to provide valuable and interesting content to the users.

It’s time for the story creator in you to come out:

Creating and telling stories are one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Stories are captivating means to evoke emotions of your audience and generate a following. Where similar kind of content is poured into social media platforms every day, storytelling has become one of the most unique and powerful ways to connect with the people across the globe and it should be a part of every content marketer’s strategy.

Personalization is the key, hands down.

People are turning more selective with content they read and in the brand choices they make. It’s become  pivotal for brands to understand their customer expectations, tastes and preferences and deliver accordingly. We are in the age where the consumers are in the drivers’ seat and there is immense competition among businesses to deliver them the best-personalised experience. In order to sustain and grow, we not only need a marketing makeover but creativity and reinvention in our personalization  strategies.

Videos speak out loud. Use them effectively.

The need for video marketing is increasingly expanding, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat are investing heavily in making it easier for smartphone owners to create video content. Video content can help you deliver your message to your target audience and improve your brand visibility. While videos are booming yet there is a need to deliver creative content via videos in order to appeal the masses.

The future in digital marketing looks innovative, promising and challenging. Hence, brands need to explore opportunities which will help them improve their existing content strategies. Digital marketing has gone through many transformations in the past couple of years  and content creation and marketing have become important aspects of it. It’s rightly said that content is anything that adds value to reader’s life and we hope to see and set higher benchmarks in the content space.

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