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Live, Connect & Grow – India’s First Startup Hostel Opens Up In Bangalore!

Another interesting concept got its place into Bangalore’s startup ecosystem – an affordable hostel for startup entrepreneurs – the Construkt Startup Hostel. Inspired by the backpacker hostel culture, Construkt decided to create a platform that offered a cost-effective boarding facility to startups and an opportunity to connect and collaborate with their peers.

Founded by Shashikiran Rao and Karan Bahadur,  Construkt is 3,500 sq feet independent bungalow in the plush neighbourhood of Indira Nagar with four-bedrooms which have the capacity to host 20 people at a time. A stay for a night comes for only Rs 850 and includes facilities such as a self-catering kitchen, WiFi, lounge space, laundry, meeting spaces and more.

construkt hostel

The idea to open Construkt Startup hostel took root when Shashikiran Rao conducted a survey to see the kind of money people in the startup sector spend on business travel. As per the responses of 2000 startups, nearly 18,000 room nights were required per year across the country for travelling startup entrepreneurs. This led to the creation of  Construkt Startup Hostel or as they call it, ‘Hackpackers Hostel’.

The hostel’s target customers include outstation entrepreneurs travelling to Bangalore, city-based startups with offices outside Bangalore who would want to bring their teams to the city for short periods,  and entrepreneurs & professionals coming to accelerator/incubator programs in the city.

True to the concept, they cater to entrepreneurs in the city or new in town by helping them make right connections. They also host a number of startup related events including its yearly startup festival, besides a radio show on entrepreneurship with an aim to connect the startup ecosystem of the city. Construkt is also looking to expand to other startup hubs in the country like Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi.

Construckt plans to offer the community co-living options for people living in the city, not necessarily travellers in future. It is also thinking of adopting a Class pass kind of model, where people get to stay in different locations across the world, through a flat-rate subscription.

Construkt Media’s Startup Hostel, a first-of-its-kind initiative offering convenient, community-curated, business-friendly hostel accommodation for the travelling startup and creative community should be a big hit with entrepreneurs.



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