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MuSlate: Discover What The World Is Listening To!

In a world where people speak and breathe music, there is always demand for new, fresh and good music.  But the biggest problem for independent and upcoming musicians is to get an audience and distribute their work. That’s where MuSlate comes into being.

Founded by Rohit Goyal in late 2014, New Delhi-based Muslate is a unified platform for independent artists, and musicians across the world. With MuSlate, users can listen, upload, organize and access their music anytime and anywhere  just by logging into their accounts.


Muslate is a great place for artists to get their work distributed and promoted globally and get the right exposure, events and business. It provides a comprehensive solution to all the requirements of budding artists by allowing them to create an organized stream of their music and promoting it on the go. Muslate.com is built on the concept of mutual music sharing and users are awarded with MuPoints for every music track they upload to database. Along with these, Muslate.com also has Muslate-Radio, where users can listen to non-stop music from thousands of music tracks.

MuSlate works on two models. First, it distributes music to online music streaming services like Gaana, Saavn, and others worldwide, charging a minimal fee. Also, it charges a commission of around 20 to 30 percent of the royalty amount of the distributed song. Second, the platform also provides opportunities to artists for performing at various events. For this, it charges a 10 to 15 percent commission on the transaction. Also, artists can profile themselves on the portal under 4 categories: Solo Artist; Band profiles; as part of company record label, studios or music academy; and under name of institutions, events and venues.

Supported by NASSCOM’s 10K Startup programme, the company presently has more than 100,000 registered users along with 12,000 registered artists from across 30 countries, and are generating 15 Mn streams per month. It aims to become the finest platform for music lovers, composers, artists, and students across the globe in next couple of years. The portal is also coming up with a mobile app in a next few months.

It will take time and dedicated efforts to organize the music industry, give everyone an equal opportunity and improve the user experience for music lovers and artists.  MuSlate has taken an integrated approach towards this task and we would love to see them grow huge.











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