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MPower – NEN Workshop, Bangalore

MPower enables direct mentor mentee interactions. This fast paced session will enable you to connect with mentor of your choice. The elevator pitch challenge will give you a chance to refine your summary with mentor advice. Register now for MPower and make the best use of the opportunity to get …

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SEO: Why is it not working?

Getting your startup on the first page of Google search results is quite a task. However, this is one of the initial things most startups strategize for. Okay! So what happened to your intelligently planned SEO strategy?  It is not working as you expected it to work, right? Your content …

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The Women who chose to be Different!

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask women.” ~Margaret Thatcher Today is the International Women’s Day and we are celebrating women. We are celebrating womanhood. From Suffragette to the right to contest elections and represent people in the government (as was seen in …

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Social Media Crisis? Damn! 

Social Media is one of the most integral parts of our lives, from youngster to elders, businessmen to teachers, everyone uses social media. Sometimes that’s how small organizations get recognized. However, what are you doing wrong here? I’m sure you must have heard some stupid things about how you can …

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The Coalition

In its third year, The Coalition, aka TC/3 kicks off with stream sessions exploring industry innovations and issues related to scale and sustainability in fashion, music, publishing, design, art and photography, gaming, F&B, journalism, content creation, makers and comedy The weekend continues with industry titans featured on the main stage …

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