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10 Free Tools you need for your Mobile App Startup

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It’s not about ideas it’s about making ideas happen- Scott Belsky

It takes a moment to inspire an idea out of you, and some fantastic tools to lead it to success.

Lately, a whole new wave of startup has taken over the market. With all the other milestones, building an organization is quite a task. However, due to the widespread availability of some free tools and all the SaaS products it has become a lot simpler than it used to be.

These tools not only makes your startup work easier, but also enhances the overall productivity of the startup, and definitely makes you mobile app startup so much better than it could have been. Every entrepreneur would kill to use these tools, and isn’t it obvious? Who doesn’t want to make a fantastic app?

Let’s look at the tools that can simply make your work easier while you are focusing on your app


It is a library containing a huge bank of over 3000 user-interface patterns. You can use these designs and interfaces to make one of the best iOS apps and even it can be utilized for Android apps. Give your App that ‘Wow’ look.



 It is a big time task to find some perfect images for your startup and use it without having a copyright issue. This struggle usually tends to eat up most of the designer’s time. Ease out your designer’s pain by Unsplash, get free photos, which are free from copyright. Go ahead, great pictures on the way.



Having some trouble creating the best prototype for your app? It’s time to stop worrying about it. Proto.io is a great tool through which you can design your app’s prototype depicting what exactly your app would look like, in short mini version of your app. And the best thing, there is no coding required. Take your 15-day free trial now.



 Obviously, the next thing after making an app is to track its performance. Flurry is a free tool that helps you monitor user activity of your app and help you make a better user experience, it completely analysis your app.


Crittercism (Apteligent)

 A crash in the App can prove to be a serious party spoiler. The ultimate nightmare of every startup is that a crash will spoil the user experience of their app. Crittercism gives you a real-time report of the crash occurring on your app, which otherwise can be a really tough task.


Square Space Logo

 Your startup logo is something that defines you exactly. Remember how much people talk about amazon’s logo? Leaving that kind of impact is important. Square space logo helps you in making a basic logo instantly without much trouble.

square space logo


Heatmaps is another lifesaver tool for your App. It focuses on the major area of your app, track gestures, and overall user engagement. You can easily monitor the user behavior with the help of heatmaps.



 It clears the entire hitch you are having while synchronizing you app data with the cloud database. Parse is a very flexible app for both iOS and Android that takes care of the backend hosting completely. We all know about Instagram, but a very few people know that it uses parse for backend hosting.


Content Idea Generator

 Content on the app or even on a website is an essential thing, creative content definitely tends to steal the show. Content idea generator gives you some of the greatest ideas for content, blog post, articles etc.

content idea generator


Mailchimp is a very effective tool out there that helps you a lot with the whole mail marketing strategy, you can send over 600 million emails every day, isn’t that amazing? Using this you can start a targeted mail campaign keeping in mind your user base.


A startup keeps you engrossed in work all the time, meanwhile, if some tools help you in managing all the chaos, it’s like a cherry on the cake!

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