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Google Docs now has Voice Feature. Okay-Bye Keyboard!

Voice Feature Google Docs

Certainly the new voice feature is one of the coolest things Google has introduced, especially for all the super-lazy people. Now, it is time to finally keep our keyboards aside and have some real talking with Google Docs.

On one side where our startup industry is at its peak, their resources are still limited to a few things and people. Generally, most of the startups use Google Docs to ease up their daily routine tasks; Google has definitely made it even easier for them by adding this new voice functionality.

For many Startups, Google Docs is an integral part of their day-to-day lives, it is very easy to do real-time collaboration without much effort, however, it seems like Google wants to change some things here. The recently enabled voice support for Google Docs can now take notes and capture the thoughts.

From this very moment, you can gladly keep away your keyboards and talk to Google Docs directly; there is practically no need for typing even a single word, just say it and you are good to go.

“We launched Voice typing in Docs to help you capture ideas, compose a letter, or even write the next great novel—all without touching your keyboard,” said by Google in a Blog.

Besides this entire no-typing thing, you can very easily change, format and edit documents with voice. Also, needless to mention the ‘voice’ function of Google Docs is quite simple to use and doesn’t require so much hard work.

Various commands like ‘copy’, ‘insert’, ‘text selection’, ‘navigating’ and some other like these have been also introduced with the voice typing. You can check the whole list of commands here.

Isn’t it better to say it out then typing the whole thing, particularly in Google Docs where you have to really type a lot?

Try out the new voice feature now, and let us know if you like it.


Video Source: http://googledocs.blogspot.in/2016/02/type-edit-and-format-with-your-voice-in.html

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