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10 Rules that Successful Startups Follow

Successful Startups

Successful startups do have some unique qualities that certainly make them stand out of the crowd. Probably to run a startup or business you need that instinct to stand alone and yet stand the strongest.

Every year quite a lot of startups come into existence, but sadly not all of them work out. And some who become successful follow a really good strategy which can help you in your startup.

Pick Worthy People

The rule number one for your startup is to always pick worthy people, there should be no place for people who are just there for some time pass. All your employees should take your startup as seriously as you take it.

Study your Competitor

We have always heard the advice; ‘learn from the mistakes of your competitor’, but here is the newer version ‘learn from their successes to’. The secret to success is to keenly watch what your biggest competitor did to reach that successful seat.

Hire more Women

Studies have reportedly shown that the startups with women in it are usually more successful. Respect diversity and hire some female employees so that all this diversity is there in every part and parcel of your start-up’s DNA.

Plan your Back Support

Agree it or not a startup with no seed funding is hard to manage, in long run growing startups need a lot of money and resources. So make sure in the starting only that you have enough funding.

You’ll miss the launch date

Whether it’s a product or service that you’re selling, the launch of your startup will slip once. May it be because of any technical glitch or any other glitch in the system. Therefore, every startup should beforehand assume that they are going to miss their launch date. Hence, everyone will start working harder than they did to actually avoid missing the launch date.

Learn to Fire Employees

It is going to happen a lot of times when you will by mistake hire the wrong person for the wrong post. And a single mis-hiring can literally handicap your system. Learn to fire the wrong people out of your team. The sooner they are out of the office the better it is.

Build a culture, just a replica of your DNA

Since the starting of a startup, you should build a work culture that you actually want to foster in a long run. A so-called cool, messy environment may be fascinating in the start but with time, it can really affect your work.

Unify your Team

Use the age-old SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) technique, this may sound boring and really old but it is still the best way to analyse where your team and startup stands as a whole. Further, you can make necessary improvements in your startup if need be.

If you are seeking outside help, pick the best one

If your startup is outsourcing some things like marketing, then be very particular about the quality. You don’t want to sit around and teach every single step to your outsource partner, pick a firm that knows what it is doing.

Test it All

Startup in itself is a big experiment while delivering your services re-evaluate and test it at all the possible levels, from the very beginning to straight till the end.

These are some of the strongest pillars of a startup, and they surely make a startup successful in long run.

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