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Linkedin – The Marketing Tool



Yes, you heard that right! Linkedin, the network of professionals, and the hub for you to connect with the who’s who of the corporate and entrepreneurial space, is also an amazing tool for B2B as well as B2C marketing. I know, I know, Facebook and Twitter are good for your social media marketing, but so is Linkedin. Don’t believe me? Well, read ahead and you will agree.

Firstly, you must be thinking right now as to why you should even think of using Linkedin for marketing your product or service. Well, 414 million+ members is the answer. Be it a startup or an older firm, it is useful for every business out there. But still, you are a skeptic and a rational consumer so you believe in examples and stats and I will give you those.

Citi launched its campaign “Connect Professional Women’s Network’ on Linkedin and using polls to generate discussion in the group, received 30000+ members in the first three months with an 18% week-over-week growth.

Cathay Pacific, using the Linkedin tolls – Polls, Research, Ads and Company page, generated 1300 successful leads for business class travels to Asia.

Philips and Microsoft, using groups and many more tools, engaged around 38000 members and 900 developers respectively.

Well, these are just a few examples of the many brands that have benefited using Linkedin as a marketing platform. And now you must be wondering how they did it. Well, I was just getting there; have a little bit of patience man.

Linkedin offers various tools for companies to establish their online presence and lets them use these tools to reach out to their target group:

  1. Company Page.
    You have seen profiles of people on Linkedin, I assume. A company page is similar but way different. You can share what you want to about your company.
  1. Company Page Status Updates.
    Companies can share anything from company news to product releases to promotions to relevant industry articles with their followers. Just do it! Or something.
  1. Custom Groups.
    Marketers establish their own community where they can deliver relevant messages and interact with their targeted audience of potential customers.
  1. Display Ads.
    Marketers can target specific groups of professionals through display ads on the LinkedIn platform.
  1. Partner Messages.
    Marketers utilize LinkedIn’s InMail messaging platform to deliver highly relevant messages to specific audience segments.
  1. Polls.
    Brands can easily find answers to their business and market research questions.
  1. Recommendation Ads.
    These ads display the number of recommendations that a marketer’s product or service has generated on their LinkedIn Company Page.
  1. Targeted Status Updates.
    Marketers tailor the content in their status updates to specific types of company followers.
  1. Linkedin Today.
    This is the company’s social news platform for professionals, delivering the top stories members need to know from their networks and industries.

Now that you got it, or so i am hoping, get out there and establish yourself.

Image source – Unsplash.com

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