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Social Media Crisis? Damn! 

Social Media Crisis

Social Media is one of the most integral parts of our lives, from youngster to elders, businessmen to teachers, everyone uses social media. Sometimes that’s how small organizations get recognized.

However, what are you doing wrong here? I’m sure you must have heard some stupid things about how you can behave on social media and how it grows your business too much. Although it is true that you can promote your startup, but really there is a specific way of carrying out everything on social media.

Social media, we can say is the most wanted criminal in today’s era, where people get influenced by what they see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. People literally take your startup how you portray it to be on Social Media. So all in all, it becomes really essential to keep a close eye on what you are doing on social media.

Crisis and that too social media crisis is not a good thing. It is not even close to how you want to depict your startup up there on the stage. Every startup and business should have a pre-plan to overcome any type of crisis related to social media.

Communicate better and truthfully

The first and foremost rule is to stay true to your customers, just be what you are. Communicate truthfully on every social media platform; represent your true brand value.


Transparency is really really important because nobody would like you even a little bit if you hide important information from your customers. Your consumers should know the real you.

Thoughtful Responses

All the queries and messages that you receive on social media platforms should be taken care of. Come up with thoughtful responses so that your customers feel that you really care about them.

Never leave a query unattended  

This could be the biggest flaw in your system. Always, like literally always reply to your consumers; never ever leave a query unattended. That would simply shape a negative image of your startup.

Crisis control

To monitor or control any social media crisis you have to look at the origin of it. Closely observe where you went wrong, and fix that.

Take responsibility

Take full responsibility of your mistakes. If any unwanted issue comes up you should never simply delete the post and sit like you are the good guy and someone else did it. Take responsibility for your actions, people like it that way.

Social media crisis can really give you hard times; you might want to keep a close look on everything that is happening on your social media pages.

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